Visibly Unseen 2010, at the Maclaren Art Centre in Barrie

9 Apr

Last night was the opening for the Visibly Unseen Exhibition at the Maclaren Art Centre in Barrie, ON.

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I was very happy to see over 150 people crowded in the gallery to check out our exhibition, along with a couple other community exhibits which are also on display for the next month.

The Visibly Unseen project was created in collaboration with the David Busby Street Centre in Barrie, and Colette Mesdag from Georgian College. Colette interviewed a number of photographers, including myself, and chose a select three to photograph a day in the life of a person who benefits from the Centre.

I was paired up with a fellow down town Barrie, who stays at the Busby Centre in the early morning and afternoon – especially during the winter months. This place gives people who are on the streets a place to stay during the day, and provides them with resources such as hygiene products, and connections for working out of drug addictions, or finding employment. It’s also just a safe haven nomadic people who are passing through Barrie. The Busby Centre has over 75 people a day stop in and benefit from their facility.

The guy I was paired up with for this project has a small bedroom in a shared apartment in downtown Barrie – but his income is below the poverty line, and without places like the Busby Centre, and the Salvation Army Church offering it’s resources it would be a pretty bleak picture for people in his situation.

The whole plan behind this project was to bring visibility and recognition to the David Busby Centre, and hopefully increase funding so they can continue doing what they do. If you would like to help out with the Centre, please visit their website and contact their office to see how you can help.

Here’s the link for the Busby Centre:

If you would like to visit the exhibit, it will be on until April 25th at the Maclaren Art Gallery in Barrie.

The above are some images that are NOT on exhibit. I thought I would share them with you.

Thanks for stopping by!

– Cole

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  1. Colette September 4, 2010 at 10:18 am #

    Nice posting… keep up the good work

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