Educational Photography Session in Orillia

30 Aug

A few months ago, being a small town photographer from Orillia, and needing some advice bigger than the local camera shop, I started following the blog posts of the Strobist. He specializes in the use of strobes (no kidding) – in particular off camera flash. His advice led me to purchase three new flash units, LP160’s, which I purchased from this place (excellent service). The duty fees at the border were atrocious, but now that I’ve had some time with these puppies, I’m pretty excited to have taken the plunge.

I had a small window of time three days ago to test these bad boys, and I called my sister up and asked if she’d be interested in modeling for me. She’s a bit vain – you know, into herself, so she was totally down with it.

We headed over to Homewood Park in Orillia, and found some shrubbery as a backdrop. Here are a few of my favourite final images:

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When Nature Calls

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