Kickin Down Doors, Orillia Photography

22 Sep

A couple weeks ago I had some down time to contemplate what it is that I love about photography, and where I want to go with it. I needed new business cards, so it was a good a time as ever to think about this. I truly believe that having a clear picture of your vision and an understanding of why you are doing what you do, is equally important to keeping up with technical ability. Knowing your vision and knowing who can benefit from your vision will turn a kid with a camera into a valuable photographer. I feel as though I am beginning to scratch the surface of understanding how this applies to myself.

This is Jordan Wigston. He’s one of my best friends. He’s a really good drummer, and a really good guy. We went out, after the sun went down, one day last week and got these images.

Big Mitts

Cliche Leaning On the Brick Wall Image

Kickin' Down the Door

For me, photography has always been about connecting people. I love to share my images of people with others. Sometimes those images are relatively sanitized and contrived, and other times they’re down to earth and gritty. But the main point is to illustrate a story, concept, or insight to communicate a message with others. If it involves those elements, it’s a subject I will enjoy shooting and sharing.

If you’re a photographer reading this post, I’d really like to get some feed back on this concept – to hear about your personal vision. Also, I highly recommend buying the book: Visionmongers, by David Duchemin. It is, so far, my favourite book on the topic of photography.

Thanks for reading!

– Cole

2 Responses to “Kickin Down Doors, Orillia Photography”

  1. kelly September 22, 2010 at 7:23 pm #

    main point is to illustrate a story, concept, or insight to communicate a message with others””..just wondering what it is your comminicating with these pics…

  2. Cole Bennett September 22, 2010 at 7:58 pm #

    Thanks for the comment!

    The top three images have a kind of hip-hop artist promotion feel to them, which would fall under “sanitized and contrived.” They’re aesthetically pleasing, make us look, and would hopefully ’cause the viewer to be interested in what this person is about. They aren’t emotionally captivating, but are more about illustrating how cool of a cat Jordan is.

    The bottom two images illustrate a very short story of a guy tying his shoe lace before kicking in the door.

    What I’m communicating in posting these images here in particular, and on my website, is my ability to take a boring, dark alley, and a dude who needs to shave, and making images that are interesting to look at. Or, at least that’s the idea… 🙂

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