Little Kid, Really Big Personality, Orillia

27 Sep

First off, I don’t normally post cute cuddly pictures of kids. It’s hard to take a picture of a little kid, post a blog of it, and maintain the manly, professional photographer image that I hold so dear. But you know what, I like hanging out with kids – they’re generally way more fun than grown ups. Not as good at having theoretical discussions with, but a lot easier to throw fifteen feet in the air. And something about being poked in the face with a stick by a giggling six year old is endearing.

The other day I had a very enjoyable short window of opportunity to create some portraits of my new friend Gracey (I overheard her call me her friend while she was talking to another adult, so I figure it’s official.)

She is ridiculously cute and rambunctious.

I was toying around with two different styles here – the almost antiquesque (That’s not a word, but kids make things up all the time – so why can’t I?) black and whites, which I find very emotive – and the others are simpler, colour images – which I thought suited the colours of the banner, and thought her mom might like the happier tones as well.

Thanks for checking them out, and feel free to shoot me an email if you’re considering some fall portraits with YOUR kids!

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