A Kitchen Party in the Art Gallery, Coldwater Photography

15 Oct

About a month ago I was invited to a party.

I was told by Rebecca, “Freeman Dre and the Kitchen Party are coming to play at my house. Their album is titled ‘Red Door, Second Floor,’ and our place is on the second floor, and we have a red door.” Wanna come?

That was enough said.

The party was in Coldwater, Ontario, between Orillia and Midland – At the Coldwater Gallery. We arrived a little late, due to circumstance, and it turned out the party was actually in an art gallery right under Rebecca’s place. It turned out the really beautiful old building might not take kindly to holding too much weight on the upper floor. Food was on the upper floor, in the kitchen. Music was on the lower floor, in the art gallery.

I’m not going to lie, I felt like a pretty important guest walking into a private party hosted in what looks and feels like an NYC flat, with an incredibly talented band and great art work hanging on the walls. (The artist who’s paintings are hanging in the back ground of some of my images is Jeanette Luchese, whom also attended the party.)

The evening progressed with some really catchy tunes. Not only did Freeman Dre and the Kitchen Party play an excellent show (I’m now a fan of their music, for sure), but a few local musicians joined in for a few rounds too! The entire night had a really enjoyable community feel to it, and I’m happy to have been a part of it.

I’ve posted a music video of these guys at the end of the post, for your interest. Freeman Dre and the Kitchen Party are having a CD release Oct 28th, in Toronto. Click here for info.

Thanks for reading!

– Cole

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