Hydro One vs Windstorm, Oro Medonte

25 Feb

If you live anywhere near Barrie or Orillia, you probably woke up last Saturday morning to find signs of strong winds from the night before.I received a call from Hydro One on Saturday morning, and was asked to document some of the damage done to the lines, as well as the Hydro One employees working hard to repair the power outages in the area.

One of the fellas, a forester, told me that when they showed up for a call out near Edgar, a power line was laying across the road with two foot flames spitting up from it. The fire from the line burned the asphalt. Wish I hadda been there for that photo op!

It was a chilly afternoon, especially working near open fields where the winds whipped through.

Here are some of my personal favourite’s from the day.

Thanks for stopping by!

– Cole

3 Responses to “Hydro One vs Windstorm, Oro Medonte”

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