Video: Welding Sailboats in Time Lapse. Orillia Streets Alive!

26 Mar
Ron Schell and Garnet Bruhm weld together an artistic rendition of a sailboat – one of sixty to be used in this year’s Streets Alive, in Orillia. The time-lapse was created with a Nikon D7000. The images below were captured with the Nikon D300 – keeping out of the way of the time lapse. Thanks for watching! And feel free to share it!
Some of you fellow Orillian’s will remember last year the main street was scattered with giant, painted guitars. It added a lot of funkiness to the down town. Well, this year the Streets Alive team, headed by Leslier Fournier, has decided to use sail boats as the subject of interest. Ron Schell, who has designed and created many of the unique signs in the down town, and is a multifaceted artistic genius, came up with a beautiful design and is now in the process of welding together sixty of these boats, which measure five feet long, and eight feet tall! Local artists will later paint the sails, and they will be put on display in the down town core. Local businesses and groups are sponsoring each sailboat, resulting in a sustainable, valuable art collaboration which I think is guaranteed to drive some interest in the down town. The launch date for the boats is June 4th – if you can make it out, the down town will be a bustle of boats and folks!
This video is my first legit Time Lapse. Created of Ron Schell, working with a local welder Garnet Bruhm. Big thanks to my good friend Adrian, who suggested the song from his library – I think it works wonderfully. Read more below for info on Streets Alive 2011!

If you’re interested in keeping up with Orillia Streets Alive, please join the Facebook page: Orillia Streets Alive on Facebook. You can visit my personal website here:

Here are some stills I captured the same day. I think welders and photographers make good friends – the light was so fun to photograph.

One Response to “Video: Welding Sailboats in Time Lapse. Orillia Streets Alive!”

  1. Samantha B March 26, 2011 at 9:08 pm #

    Good job! I got so excited when I saw Lydia hahah – it looks great!

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