Wife Dodging Deal of the Day – Book now!

12 May

Okay, look.

Every once in a while something comes up that I really want to buy – and it’s just impossible trying to convince Lydia to let me buy it.

I’ve had enough. And today, while resting on the couch, I realized the solution.

We just returned from Cuba, where I purchased some very valuable – exotic cigars. I purchased some Cohibas, some Cuabas, and some Monte Cristo #4’s. Very nice Cigars.

The problem with buying 75 cigars and taking them home to Canada is the climate. It’s too dry. It’s important to keep your cigars in a humidor. A humidor is a storage device that is designed to keep your cigars at the premium temperature and humidity level. A cigar that stays in a humidor will become increasingly better in quality every year – for ten years. At which point it will continue to stay in top notch shape – providing you keep it in a humidor.

Now, being who I am, I do not want some butt-ugly box that does the job. I want something that will look nice. I have found this one in the U.S of A on a website, http://www.thompsoncatalog.com

I have decided to offer a drastic discount on one family/ romantic portrait session. Here are the conditions:

1. First person to call and book wins the deal

2. The session will be this Saturday, May 14th 2011  will be booked for sometime within a month from today.

2. The session will cost a total (same as the humidor with shipping) of $104.70. I’ve rounded up the pennies.

3. High res, post-produced files will be provided

This is over a 77% discount. My cigars are suffering. Please book soon.

If this turns out to be a success there will be future wife dodging deals to come.

To book, call 705.331.5433

If you’re not interested in this deal – please share it with your friends on Facebook.

One Response to “Wife Dodging Deal of the Day – Book now!”

  1. Michael May 12, 2011 at 2:15 pm #

    Hahaha. Brilliant compromise.

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