Visibly Unseen 2011

16 May

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This audio clip is meant to be paired with the images:

Ivy Shave "Courage" These issues do not only affect adults.

Last year, while I was attending Georgian College for Photography, I joined an independent project called Visibly Unseen.  My role, as one of the photographers on the project, was to work with an individual in Barrie who is or has suffered from homelessness, mental illness, or substance abuse – and to create a visual “Day in the life.” The ultimate goal was to raise awareness and support for a local resource centre, called the  David Busby Street Centre. The final images were exhibited at the Maclaren Art Gallery . The project was a great experience for me – it really opened my eyes to a different world.

So, early last year, when asked by the centre to take on the role of Creative Director for this years project, I gladly accepted.

My first task was to come up with a creative scope and budget for an art project that would raise public awareness on the issues of substance abuse, mental illness, poverty, and homelessness in Simcoe County. My Creative Scope was designed to find an intimate look at these issues, through sharing of personal stories. We recorded the voice of any individual who wanted to share their personal stories or perspectives and handed out disposable cameras to anyone who was interested in sharing in a visual manner.

As the Busby Centre had already established a relationship with Georgian College, through last years project, my next task was to locate and interview second year students from the Photography Program to work more extensively on the photo side of the project. I ended up finding Stephen Crocker, and Ivy Shave. Two, very talented individuals.

What ensued was a long six months. Many drives to Barrie. Many emails sent. Many disposable cameras handed out. And many voices listened to. It was difficult to narrow down the amount of content we collected to something that would work in the final exhibit.

The night of the launch we displayed seven prints between Ivy and Steve. We framed a total of 16 prints from the disposable cameras. These images were paired with an audio presentation which was compiled with help from The Red Carpet Studio. I would like to share it with you:

Katarina, the woman who’s voice you are listening to in this audio piece, passed away during the production of the exhibit. She was loved by many.

Here are some of the images the photographers and volunteers came up with. You can see the entire exhibit at Barrie City Hall until the end of the month of May.

Thanks for listening!

Stephen Crocker "Companion"

Stephen Crocker "Untitled"

Ivy Shave "Courage"

Ivy Shave "Substance"

And here are some images submitted by individuals who volunteered to show part of their own stories. Please listen to the audio portion of this exhibit. It is meant to be paired with all of these images.

Selected Visibly Unseen 2011

Selected Visibly Unseen 2011

Selected Visibly Unseen 2011

Selected Visibly Unseen 2011

Selected Visibly Unseen 2011

Selected Visibly Unseen 2011

Selected Visibly Unseen 2011

Selected Visibly Unseen 2011

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