Family Portrait – Tudhope Park Orillia Photography

13 Jul

I recently had the chance of spending some time with Wendy Andrew’s and her family down at Tudhope park in Orillia. They are all part of a big, good lookin’ family. They’ve got some of the cutest kids around I think.

If the parents of these kids are reading my post, they must forgive me for not including them in the images. There were too many to choose from. I had to stick mostly with the kids and Grandma and Grandpa for this post!

Wendy’s husband is in the Canadian Military, and I was honoured to know that a couple of his favourite images (especially one of Wendy) would be printed for his wallet. He will be stationed in overseas later this year – and I hoped to capture a special moment between Wendy and him, as I’m sure he will appreciate having this image while he is so far from home.

The watermelon gorging near the bottom is one of my highlights of the day. My favourite being the one of the girl hold an eaten piece of watermelon in one hand, and digging her teeth into a second piece with that blank look in her eyes. Summer at it’s greatest!

Thanks for reading!

– Cole





3 Responses to “Family Portrait – Tudhope Park Orillia Photography”

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  2. Wendy Andrews December 6, 2011 at 11:07 pm #

    Danny has enjoyed the photobook prepared for him, he has even shown it around to a few of the locals and all his military buddies. I expect Danny home the first week in March 2012, its been a very long haul I miss him. Thanks again for your professional photo`s Cole and thank God for your talent!

    • Cole Bennett, Illustrative Photographer December 6, 2011 at 11:30 pm #

      Hey Wendy! I’m really happy to hear that Danny is able to have the photos close while he is away. I’m sure you are looking forward to having him home. I’ll pray he has a safe return.

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