My Brother, Luke. Video Production Talk.

1 Aug

This is my brother, Luke. We grew up together, Homeschooled.

As my creative palette, and the market for affordable, quality video equipment have both grown in the past couple of years, video has been an obvious avenue to go in terms of creative, and entrepreneurial production.

I mean, I really enjoy watching movies. So, I figured I would enjoy making movies. It turns out I really enjoy making movies.

Here’s my first piece, if you haven’t seen it already. Luke actually recorded the featured song.

But audio is a hugely different ball game than creating visuals (Which is why a music video was a good place to start).

My brother, who has been obsessing over quality audio with his recording studio for the past three or four years – happens to be the perfect fit for an audio guy.

And while a year ago, I would have had a small idea of how the two of us could work together creatively, and in business – I now see the light.

Luke has been investing in audio equipment for video, and we’re excited to start making movies together.

Therefore, the Brother’s Unite.

If you would like to follow Luke on Twitter – you will find he has two followers, and hasn’t tweeted anything yet. Maybe if someone other than myself and Justin follow him, he’ll start to share interesting and relevant tips for musicians, or gear heads. Or maybe he’ll at least let us know what he’s having for lunch.

Luke’s Twitter Account

Not gunna lie, I wrote this post partly to talk about the above. But mostly to share this steely gaze of an image.

Ladies: He’s married.

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