Lydia Hijacks the blog! {Robert and Alanna’s Wedding, July 2011}

10 Aug

Good evening everyone! This is Lydia. I am Cole’s wife and thought it was about time to steal a blog post and share a few of my experiences working for my husband. Thanks for reading. : )

One of my favourite parts about working with Cole is assisting him at every wedding he photographs. The morning of the wedding I begin as a typical wife: brewing the morning coffee, ironing Cole’s outfit, and shining his shoes. Well, Cole wishes this is what I did for him. But it gets better…

I never know exactly what the day has in store for me. Although I am primarily there to help in the direction of formal photography…there is no telling what the day may bring! Some weddings I am holding a reflector for Cole to create the impact shot he is going for and other times you find me helping with last minute decorating, or holding the bride’s flowers so she can give a hug to all of her guests. I love all of these things.

A wedding is such a happy time for a couple, and it was no exception for Alanna and Robert on their big day! Alanna had one of the most beautiful dresses on I have ever seen ( I am not just saying that!) and Robert’s laugh could put anyone in a good mood. They are perfect together and their love for one another was completely transparent. Their wedding was in Orillia; the ceremony at St. Paul’s United Church and the reception held at Mariposa Inn.

I love seeing the story of a wedding day unfold, as Cole is busy trying to capture meaningful moments. Having been at the wedding helps when I am picking out images for editing that truly capture the mood of the day! On from here, I design the album layout that I hope illustrates the joy experienced on that day! Robert and Alanna, here are a few images from your album that make me smile and bring me back to June 25, 2011. And just so you know, we put the final touches on your albums today. They should be arriving soon. Congratulations!


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  1. Ảnh Cưới August 12, 2011 at 1:51 am #

    hey happy wedding bro 🙂

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