Six Weeks in Ecuador Countdown, 5 days.

2 Sep
If you want to make sure you’re kept in the loup about our whereabouts and what we’re doing while in Ecuador, subscribe to my blog by putting your email into the form to the right hand side of this post! This is my first post of hopefully many that I will make, sharing our experiences, while in Ecuador. 

As many of you may already know my wife Lydia and I, and my brother with his wife are headed to Ecuador.  The five day count down is on! We land in Quito, Ecuador September 7th.

I plan to eat Guinea Pig as soon as the opportunity arises.

We will be backpacking and sleeping in hostels for six weeks – adventuring Ecuador from almost top to bottom. Lydia and Karlie have mapped out an extensive outline of where to go, and what to check out while we’re there.

I am a little hesitant to get into too many details right now, but we have been in contact with a few organizations in Ecuador who we have offered our equipment and skills (Photography/ Video) in service to. In Guayaquil – one of Ecuador’s main cities – there is a squatter community of nearly 300,000 people. They have moved from smaller rural villages to the city, in hopes of gaining education and ultimately a better life. One woman we have been in contact with has said she would like us to visit this community with her, and look for an opportunity to facilitate the voices of a few of these people, and help gain more resources for the individual’s that live in this community. This same woman is in connection with a remote village located on the Onzole river in Ecuador, and the plan is to take a three hour dug-out canoe trip up the river to visit this community as well.

We’ve got light sleeping bags, big backpacks, fancy travel socks, quick drying shirts, zip off pants and a whole lotta white-Canadian-who-shoulda-spent-more-time-on-Spanish-for-Dummies.

Bottom line? We’re stoked.

My brother, Luke and I will be lugging our run-and-gun video equipment, which consists of a Nikon D7000, a GoPro, extra batteries and cards, microphones ,a field recorder and mixer, and a shoulder rig among other things.

I will be bringing an iPad as well, in order to keep up with the blog, and to keep in touch. There are some very handy photo editing apps for the iPad now, and I will be able to edit and post images as we go. This portrait of Ron (below) was photographed in RAW, imported into the iPad and edited using an app called Snapseed.

Thanks so much for reading, and please keep in touch while we’re down there. We will have access to WiFi in many areas.

Thanks so much for reading!

You can follow all four of us on Twitter. Some are more active than others ; )

Luke: @lukebennett_
Karlie: @fustyvintage
Cole: @colebennett_
Lydia: @lydiabennett_ 

Ron's RAW file portrait has been edited on the iPad!


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