A Source of Inspiration (or, 120 sources.)

6 Dec

When I was a kid, my mother had me enroll in various activities.

We tried out the baseball thing. I did alright with it at first. Until I was a little older, and my league graduated from the precise machine pitcher – to an eight year old kid who could hardly spell his own name. Let alone throw a hard ball straight down the line. I cracked under the pressure.

Then there were the music lessons. Violin. Recorder. Piano. Trumpet. Bass Guitar.

I don’t even remember how to play Yankee Doodle on piano.

We did end up starting a rock band. My brother and I, along with a couple good friends of ours. We cut an album. I played bass. Sort of. The guitarists had to play the difficult bass rifts for the album recording. I played well enough to put on a good show. My rhythm is atrocious, but I was weird enough on stage for people to keep watching.

I used to paint with oil paints. Draw with pencil crayons. I probably made my mum an ash tray out of clay at some point. She doesn’t smoke.

Eventually, I picked up my dad’s Nikon FG20 35mm SLR. 35mm film, for you kids out there, is kind of like digital but you can’t see the picture right away, and it’s not free.

But you know what it is about photography that kept me at it?

Curiousity. It allows me to observe and interact with interesting people and places, while also sharing a message to others about what I find interesting, strange, or important.

Photography, whether it’s with a professional camera, or a cell phone is the expression of valuing a subject as important enough to capture and share it.

Keep this in mind when you are looking through these three outstanding blog posts I have come across in the past few days. You will see some of the most amazing images of natural disaster and political uprise – all from 2011. You will see absolutely stunning portraits of homeless individuals in the U.K and the U.S. And you will see a random collection of strange photographs that people from various walks of life deemed valuable to create and share.
If these images are not enough for you to fall in love with photography, you should probably not bother subscribing to my humble blog. Though, I will appreciate it either way :DThanks for stopping by!

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