Light and Dark – Effigy Design’s Studio Space

24 Feb

Adam Dagenais is a local graphic designer with a brand that smells of superheroes & graphic novels

When Adam and I first talked about what he was looking for in a final image of his studio space, he mentioned that he wanted something dim lit and mysterious – a lamp or two turned on – showcasing the interesting space he works in.

I quickly decided I wanted to use a technique known as Light Painting, which utilizes a camera on a tripod in a dark space, a long exposure, and a hand held light source. You basically pop a flash unit, or another light source on the areas you want to light, and the rest stays in the dark. There’s no limit to the creative potential – and in fact, my method here is pretty conservative. This guy does way, way crazier things with this technique.

So, the method was a nice technique, and foundation for an image. But then, Adam tossed me the idea of having the back door opened, with him standing in the doorway – light blasting in from behind him and casting an ominous shadow. I think it was a brilliant idea, and I was a little jealous I wasn’t the one who thought of it!

But it’s moments like that which make photographing creative individuals so much fun. And as a cherry on top, after seeing the images we were getting, Adam then suggested the equally epic idea of shooting two images, and using a different shadow than his pose projected. It was decided that a superhero pose for the shadow, and a kind of gunslinger pose for his actual stance would be a good mix.

The above photo is the final image we came up with.

And this one below is an ultra-wide angel image we shot with existing ambient light.

Adam Dagenais is a friend of mine and the owner of Effigy Design here in Orillia. Follow him on Twitter. Drop into his studio. You’ll like him.


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