Win a Custom Landscape Print from Ireland! (We’re going to Ireland.)

18 Apr

Here’s the Back Story

I get home on Saturday afternoon. Lydia suggests we book some flights to Ireland. Flights that would leave in 9 days. “We can backpack, maybe rent a car. It’ll be fun. Ireland is beautiful!”

An hour later we had booked the tickets.

Ever since one of the first bus rides while in Ecuador, half sitting, half standing – fearing accepting that the bus may careen off the side of a precipice any minute, I’ve had a real sense of awe at the beautiful world God has given us. And, I’ve decided that I’d like to see more of it. Lydia decided this way back when she was sixteen, living in France on exchange. So, we’re headed to Ireland. Land of Guinness, and Potatoes and Leprechauns.

Yeah, and Canada is the land of the Beaver and Igloos.

Anyway, my plan is to spend some time focussing on landscape photography. I get the feeling Ireland is going to give me no choice, what with the beautiful cliffs, castles, fields, sheep – you know.

If you would like to win an 18″x 24″ custom print of somethin’ beautiful in Ireland- here’s what to do:

If you aren’t already subscribed, sign up to get an email when I make a blog post – this will give you a leg up for the contest.

Here’s the Contest

Every time you see one of my blog posts from Ireland, do one or more of the following to get your name added to the contest:

Facebook: Share the blog post on Facebook, and ‘mention’ me in the post. If we aren’t friends, why not add me!

Twitter: Share the blog post on Twitter, and ‘mention’ me in the Tweet. Here’s a link to my Twitter profile

Pretty Straight Forward. You can start by sharing THIS post! 

As I make blog posts throughout the trip, you will see my photos and hear stories of where we’ve visited. Keep your eyes open for a print you would like to have in your office, or in your living room, because if you win, you win a print of your choice from my blog posts while there!

And don’t worry if you live somewhere across the globe someplace – we’ll ship the final print to you, wherever you are.

2 Responses to “Win a Custom Landscape Print from Ireland! (We’re going to Ireland.)”

  1. Jaimie MacLeod April 18, 2012 at 2:52 pm #

    Cole Bennett Photography! Crossing my fingers to win that print! Woot woot!


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    […] Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. If you like what you see, consider subscribing via email! If all goes according to planned, my next few posts will be from Ireland. I’m giving away a custom landscape print from our travels. Click here for the deets […]

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