Simple is Beautiful

16 Jul

I’m excited to finally be able to share this image and chat a bit about the process behind it.

Skip what I have to say and buy Aaron’s album: Download it on iTunes now for only $6.00!

A few months back, my very talented musician friend Aaron Mangoff hired me to create some promo images for him. Through bouncing some ideas back and forth, we decided to try a bizarre concept involving broken mirror and hanging out in a freezing cold parking lot. It was a pretty complex idea, and the pictures were…experimental.

We wiped the slate clean and decided to simplify the complexity and ramp up the epic-ness.

This picture was shot in my office, and in about 12 minutes we had the image that would end up on the cover of his latest Album, You and I (Again, Download it on iTunes now for only $6.00!)

I think that it’s all too easy to get caught up in trying to create something different – complex – and miss the endless possibility to be had in adapting simplicity. Many of the world’s most famous photographers were and are minimalist in their approach to photography, and they have absolutely stunning imagery with their name signed to it. Yousuf Karsh is one such individual. He focussed his entire career on lighting and photographing people’s faces, and some of his portraits are the most stunning imagery I’ve seen!

I talked to Aaron the other day and he gave me some insight on his thoughts for his next album (which he’s already thinking about?!) And interestingly enough he’s already started to simplify his writing and performance down to core compositions that he feels express certain musical elements that are often lost in arrangements involving more numerous instruments and complex techniques.

Simple is beautiful.

Here is a little sketch, to help you see why I decided to be a photographer and not a sketch artist.

If you study it closely and get past how true to life my drawing is, you’ll be able to see what I did to light it.

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