Escape the City: My Short Film from California

21 May

Earlier this year, my friend Michael Fess (the same Michael who hired us to make these crazy videos) asked me to take the role of Director of Photography on a video project he was spearheading. The more we talked about the look he wanted, the more we were drawn to the ocean. First we looked at Ireland, which has an insanely beautiful west coast. But seeing as it was snowing in Ireland at the time, Mike looked to the south. He came across Big Sur, south of San Francisco, and that’s where we decided to head.

We spent three days shooting long hours – mostly along Highway 1 – both north and south of San Francisco. We ate lots of Denny’s Breakfasts (I’m still going through withdrawal), and both got a mean sunburn.

While Mike worked on getting his four video’s edited for the deadline last weekend, I worked on creating a film myself. Here’s my edit below, which is dedicated to my Grandma – Vera Summers.

Thanks for watching, and if you choose to, thanks for sharing!

It’s great to Escape the City.


Producer/Creative Director Michael Fess
Cinematography by Cole Bennett
Sound Design by Luke Bennett

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