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The Amazing Race: James and Krystel Weening from Barrie

26 Feb

Our friends James and Krystel are applying for the season premiere of Amazing Race Canada. They asked me to create this 3 minute audition video for them.

As I’m getting more and more into the video scene, I’ve realized the importance of collaboration. I’ve got a good handle on composition, lighting, and telling a visual story. But when it comes to cutting down a final video, there can be a lot to sift through. Taking 45 minutes of footage and cutting it down to 3 minutes can feel overwhelming. My wife, Lydia has been a great help in keeping the ball rolling in our interviews and promo videos – as I focus on the technical camera work. It turns out she’s also a natural at editing. We both had our hands in the final edit for this, and I think it’s stronger for it. On top of working with her, my brother was only a phone call away offering assistance in getting the best audio set up.

Projects can only be strengthened through working with a solid team, and receiving wisdom and feedback from friends, family and mentors. And I’m incredibly thankful for those who are there for me!


Orillia’s new Record Label: Sleeper Records

9 May


A year ago I wrote and filmed a music video for my friend Aaron Mangoff, who lives here in Orillia. We used a track from his first album that was recorded by my brother Luke, here in Orillia. And a few short weeks ago we created a short Rocket Hub video for Sleeper Records, a new record label…in Orillia.

If you’d like to find out how you can be a part of the record production, get tickets to Sleeper’s official launch party on June 16th, and own an album from two talented young musicians from my home town, check out the material below. Don’t just watch the video though – you gotta head to the Rocket Hub page to get info on how you can be a part of it. It’s a pretty cool process too!

Huge thanks to my brother, Luke for providing top notch audio. My wife, Lydia for helping with direction and production, and extra thanks to Jeff Andrews for coming out as second camera, and for providing his quality editing skills!

Click here to go to the Rocket Hub Page for Sleeper Records!

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