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Web Videos: Connecting with YOUR Audience

5 Sep

Every Business and Organization can benefit from using video to connect with their audience

If you have an online space dedicated to sharing information about a product or service, a web video could be a great next step. Video is a straightforward way to deliver information to your visitors in a digestible manner. We’ve just launched our most recent video production, and I thought it would be a chance to share some of my thoughts on what makes a successful short video on the web. This content will be specifically aimed at small businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs.

This video was created for Conscious Water – a young company stoked on the importance of pure drinking water – and they’re doing something about it. Seriously, check out their website.

“The Four E’s”

It’s not entirely formulaic – but I’ve found “The Four E’s” to be a good guideline.


To be successful, your video must engage the viewer. This is done through a series of small things that make up the final “Big Picture”

 The Communicator – The person in front of the camera. This person must be concise, passionate, and confident. Not every communicator talks. Some perform in sports, music, acting – but they all communicate.
Give it to me in HD. The nicer it is to look at, the better. Choice of location, angle, lighting, camera, lenses and accessories will all add to this.
The Audio. It’s a well known cliche in film making that audio is 50% of the video. Viewers will put up with poor visual quality far before we put up with poor audio. Suitable music will almost always add to the production value.
Content is King. (Read on!)


If you’re creating a video for your business or organization, chances are your goal is to share with and educate both your potential and existing customers. This may be direct education through show and tell, or it may be visual communication that highlights specific elements of your products and services. If you can provide an educational element in which your viewer becomes better informed through your video, you’ll begin to be seen as a valuable resource by your audience.


Any opportunity to make your content entertaining through visual effects, catchy music, and humour will help keep your viewer engaged with the video. Make sure it jives with the content, and it will increase the likelihood of viewers remembering and sharing the video.


The goal in any commercial video is to have viewers act on what they’ve seen. Whether it’s to spend more time on your website, to share the video through their social networks, or to sign up for what you’re selling. A good web video will enable your customers to make the next step, being better informed and feeling more confident about their decision.

What do you think?

Those are just a few E’s from what I’ve learned. What do YOU think makes for an effective web video? Join the conversation in the comments!

Cole Bennett is an Illustrative Photographer and Film Maker living in Orillia Ontario.


Orillia Engagement Session

27 May

Alanna Fetterly and Robert Thor are soon to be married. Here are some of my favourite images from an engagement session we did in the heart of down town Orillia.

Thanks for stopping by!

– Cole

Orillia Lake Front Engagement Session

Shayne and Lisa, Orillia Engagement Photography

5 Oct

Shayne and Lisa are waiting in a little office up at Circle Square Ranch – waiting for me to publish this blog post. I feel like I am in a position of control, and I like that. I also like the theme they came up with for this photo shoot. Shayne, being a talented artist, and Lisa being a bouncy ball of energy – I think it worked wonderfully!

These images were taken at a wonderful flower farm with real nice staff, between Orillia and Coldwater, off Highway 12.

Aerial view of Midland’s Tornado Damage

24 Jun

It’s been a while since my last blog post. Please don’t blame me – I’m getting married in two weeks!

(My fiance is chirping me this second for blogging instead of helping with thank you cards. Thank you cards? No thank you…I mean, I’m thankful and everything, but I think I’ll let her take care of that part.)

I got a phone call this morning from a girl at head office of Hydro One. “We’d like you to come take some pictures of the damage caused by the tornado in Midland, Ontario… From our helicopter.”


Yup! I heard correctly! An hour later I was at Hydro One in Midland – waiting for the rain to settle. It settled, and here are some pics from the tornado’s reckless damage. Hydro One has been working extra hard to get the hydro back up and running, and I realized today how much work is put into getting our electricity running when it’s down. Those guys are committed! And Hydro One is even going out and helping out some smaller companies who can use a hand in restoring the cities damage. When I was up there I noticed in particular the trailer park. Thankfully there were no fatalities (I have heard there is one person missing). I’m sure those people could use our prayers while they sort out what to do next.

Map of the tornado's path

Some initial structural damage from the tornado

Hydro One repairing the lines. Over 100 Hydro workers were at work to restore power to Midland and surrounding area.


More structural damage


In between the damage of man made structures, there is a clear path of trees flattened where the tornado worked it's way through.

Approaching the trailer park

Smith's Trailer Park and Camp, Midland


Car Dealership on King Street

Hydro lines down behind a commercial building on King Street

...And of course a picture of myself in the helicopter.

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